Herding Instinct's Qlara Qlarvaken

Kennel Herding Instinct's

Breeder of Swedish lapphund and Finnish Lapphund

Swedish lapphund since 1986 and Finnish lapphund since 2006

Home and breeder of champions

Swedish lapphund and Finnish Lapphund puppies is planned under 2018


Qlara 9 months old


Qlara almost 7 months old


Qlara 6 months old


Born 9/4-2013 Sir: SE JV-12 Herding Instinct's Mr Q Dame: FIN JV-09 NORD JV-09 SE UCH FIN UCH NO UCH Herding Instinct's Friija Fantasia.


PRCD PRA Normal, Pompes Normal, 1 R-CERT/CAC


Qlara is a happy, lovely bitchpuppy from my last litter. I kept both bitches in my last litter just because I like to continue with my bitchline. I can see so much of my beloved Daima in Qlara . Daima is grandmum to Qlara.