F 2009

Swedish lapphund

Do you like to have a rare, genuin Swedish breed , healthy,  strong minded, highly intelligent and active companion for traning and competion. Then Swedish lapphund is the breed for you!

Many breeds was created the last 100-150 years, but Swedish lapphund is created  by nature over tousends of tousends years. The breedtype is very old and look the same as before the pedigree beeding started. I have shared my life with the breed since 1986 and just love them. I have competed and/or trained with them in agility, flyball, gametracking, tracking, rally obedience, obedience and herding. I have also puppybuyers and friends with Swedish lapphund who use them for hunting mostly on elk.

The breed is orginally a herding and hunting dog. I think they have much more common with other herding breeds than hunting breeds and classic group 5 breeds. They are friendly, love people, hightly intelligent, easy to motivate and love to train. A perfect breed.