Ch Herding Instinct's Qajsa Qavat


Herding Instinct's Qajsa Qavat

Qajsa 9 månader

Qajsa almost 7 months old

Qajsa become Swedish show champion, fast after her second birthday. 2 of her CAC from breedspeciality shows in Sweden and the last and crowning CAC at Ransäter int 2015. Qajsa had been very sparely showed just 5 shows before she become champion.

Born 9/4-2013 Sir: SE JV-12 Herding Instinct's Mr Q Dame:  FIN JV-09 NORD JV-09 SE UCH FIN UCH NO UCH Herding Instinct's Friija Fantasia.

PRCD PRA Normal, Pompes Normal, 2 CERT/CAC both from breedspecialityshows in Sweden in hard competion.