Herding Instinct's Qlara Qlarvaken

Herding Instinct's Qlara Qlarvaken

Qlara 9 months old

Qlara almost 7 months old

Qlara 6 months old

Born 9/4-2013 Sir: SE JV-12 Herding Instinct's Mr Q Dame:  FIN JV-09 NORD JV-09 SE UCH FIN UCH NO UCH Herding Instinct's Friija Fantasia.

PRCD PRA Normal, Pompes Normal, 1 R-CERT/CAC

Qlara is a happy, lovely bitchpuppy from my last litter. I kept both  bitches in  my last litter just because I like to continue with my bitchline. I can see so much of my beloved Daima in Qlara .  Daima is grandmum to Qlara.